We are currently supplying the following products to many manufacturers in the UK who carry out treatment on a wide range of fancy, ornamental or general metal ware including Buckles, Clasps, Medallions, Coinage (tokens), Statuettes and Fastenings in Brass, Copper, Mild Steel, Nickel, Pewter, Tin Lead and Silver or on electro plated deposits of these metals. A range of colours for the treatment of Brass & Copper which may be defined as antique bronzes can be supplied across a colour spectrum from light to dark bronze through to black with the following processes.


ARMATONE “B10”      a cold process used to give a black colour on Lead based components.  It is used mainly in the decorative glass industry.

ARMATONE “BB”       designed to produce a range of brown bronze colours on Brass, Copper and Bronze metals.

ARMATONE “BBS”     designed to produce a dark Grey to Black colour on mild steel surfaces at room temperature.

ARMATONE “BN”       a cold process giving a black finish to fresh Nickel plated components.

ARMATONE “BS2”      a cold chemical blacking processes which will produce a rich black colour on ferrous, copper and brass components.

ARMATONE “CB”        a bright dipping acid for use on Copper & Brass. It removes graphite from stampings to give a high brilliant finish.

ARMATONE “CB 40”   provides a deep black on Antimonial Tin or Tin Lead alloys and certain Pewter alloys.  Similar but lighter effects can be obtained using the “CFN” process.

ARMATONE “CFB”      a process which is used to produce a variable range of ‘Light Old Antique’ colours on Copper, Brass, Gilding Metal & Mild Steel components.

ARMATONE “CFB2”    related to Armatone “CFB” but gives a more “Medium Oak Finish”, similar in effect to polished pig skin. It is ideal for door fittings on medium oak doors and furniture.

ARMATONE “CFN”      used on Copper & Brass, on Gilding Metal and Silver. Again the colours range from light Brown to Black, but a slight etching effect gives a flatter thereby darker effect.

ARMATONE “CG”        a ‘gelled’ version of the “CM” process which enables brushing application for larger components where total immersion is either uneconomic or impracticable.

ARMATONE “CM”        produces a range of colour tones from light to dark Brown through to a Steel Bronze finish on Brass and Copper alloys.

ARMATONE “CNG/F”  similar to the “CM” process but gives a slightly more reddish brown than the grey brown. It is particularly effective on copper or copper plated articles.

ARMATONE “DB”        designed to produce a range of dark brown bronze colours on Brass, Copper and Bronze metals.

ARMATONE “FeDOX” a cold process for imparting a red oxide rust on ferrous architectural pieces such as cast-iron garden furniture or mild steel lamps.

ARMATONE “G2N”     designed to reproduce the naturally occurring Green Verdigris that is found on Copper & Brass.

ARMATONE “S7”        imparts an electroless Silver coating over Copper & Brass surfaces either as conducting film or a pleasing finish which can be ‘antiqued’ for fancy metal wares



The range of Oxide colours produced from the “ARMATONE” processes are not designed to impart corrosion protective properties, being usually waxed, oiled or lacquered. Where lacquer finishing is preferred, Armack Chemicals recommend the use of Cannings Ercolene lacquers. Recent testing has shown that these finishes when suitably lacquered can provide up to 48 hr salt spray resistance. Where waxing or oiling are used, any hard finish was will suffice. Beeswax and Canauba type waxes are usually best for inside or outside use giving good protection and excellent weathering resistance. Oiling can be carried out using any light mineral or organic oil. Light ‘dry to touch’ oils are also to be recommended.